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I’ve been waiting to make this announcement for a long time. The day is finally here!

The next time you visit this WordPress.com blog site, no one will be home.

This is a good thing! With lots of guidance, a new blog space has freshly emerged for a much richer experience for readers, as well as new ways of serving readers interested in Oriental medicine and understanding how to apply its principles to the health challenges of life in the twenty-first century, as we tend to our true objective here.

Breakfast Like an Emperor, the first book in the Ancient Wisdom Series will be featured there, and its publication date, too, has been announced—but it’s not today. Contemplations will continue, and already include what’s been written on this site since 2010—now in an inviting new space, without ads, at a new web location: AncientWisdomSeries.com.

In a hurry? Just want to get your new email subscription established, and play later, when you have time? Click now to be taken directly to the easy and secure form for this purpose. Job done. Come back when you have a little leisure time.

Those of you who have time to go over and poke around a bit, here’s the home page. Remember to subscribe while you’re there—the subscription form is located below the content of each page and post.

Don’t miss the extensive coverage of what you’ll find in Breakfast Like an Emperor.

Feedback from everyone is welcomed, but please, leave it at the new site—not here. The Contemplations portion of the new site is essentially complete, and I think you’ll really enjoy it. Like its author, parts of the site are still being developed, and it will continue this new expansion for some time to come. Now that this portion of the transition is complete, I need to get back to finishing the book by my deadline, so you can finally have it in your happy digital hands.

Subscriptions made on this old site will NOT carry over to the new site. If you wish to continue your readership and receive email notifications of new posts, signing up at AncientWisdomSeries.com will be necessary. Additional posts will no longer appear here, and this site’s subscription form and comments form have been removed to avoid confusion.

The Ancient Wisdom site is a responsive design which looks great on all your devices. Ease of reading is smooth and so much more effortless—reading on this old site is almost painful to me now.  Reading from the new site on the diminutive iPhone SE is about as effortless as on a desktop. The visual experience, however, is quite different on a desktop—my favorite. Most importantly though, you can easily read anywhere you care to.

That pretty much wraps up the housekeeping details of the change.

C’mon over!


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